5.60m DT Launch Model

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Following two years of research and development, Pascoe International are delighted to announce the arrival of the first of a new line of compact superyacht tenders. A targeted program of production engineering and extensive 3D design has resulted in a highly optimised, compact yet elegant platform which remains competitively priced not through hardware or material savings, but thanks to a dramatic reduction in build time.


Over the last 10 years, Pascoe International have carved a reputation for providing the highest quality superyacht tenders in the marketplace. The new range of DT Launches continues this tradition and proudly incorporates all the attention to detail, top class engineering and only the very best fixtures and fittings on a platform designed following automotive practice. The DT Launches retain the pneumatic collars which offer the best possible protection for both the tender and the mother ship, on a “D” configuration to maximise internal space.


All moldings have been precision CNC machined for total symmetry and perfect fit. Overall weight has been kept to a minimum and weight distribution optimised to ensure a safe and stable launch and recovery. The cockpit is that of a ‘proper’ boat, with high composite sides to offer maximum protection.


The new DT range offers maximum spray protection whilst fitting in yacht garages of minimum size.  With the standard folding console screen the new range will fit within garages as low as 1200mm.


The new range has been designed understanding the variety of the tasks that a dedicated yacht tender will encounter.  Guest boarding is catered for from all aspects, side-on with permanent teak lined steps, from the bow again with fixed steps and stern to via a generous swim platform.

Noise and Vibration

All the tenders in the new range boast a highly insulated mid-engine configuration. This layout not only achieves optimum weight distribution, but also significant noise and vibration reduction through a decoupled connection to either jet or stern-drive.

Standard Equipment

  • Raymarine E7 Chart plotter
  • Lifting Points
  • Folding Console Screen
  • Concealed Swimming Ladder
  • Flush Mooring Cleats
  • Lopo LED Navigation Lights
  • Bespoke Aluminum Grab Handles
  • Volvo Interceptor Trim Control

Cost and Delivery

The new tenders offer a dramatic cost reduction thanks to the adoption of automotive assembly techniques with the 5.6m starting at £115,000. The assembly process now allows a shorter build slot and hence faster delivery.

We will be delighted to show you the first of the new DT Launch range at Monaco Yacht Show, to be shown alongside the latest 8.0m and 9.6m limousine tenders.

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