Large yachts are designed to accommodate any owners' wish, but easy access to the shore is inversely proportional to size. Thus, the requirement for a high quality limousine tender is becoming ever more important.

Available as enclosed Limousines or open Landau’s, these are the flagships of the Pascoe range and represent the perfect combination of elegance, sophistication and practicality. Each tailored to ensure that the client is able to demonstrate their own individual style whilst being secure in the knowledge that their tender uses proven engineering and naval architecture to ensure reliability and perfect sea keeping.

Throughout the manufacturing process, a continual stream of communication is encouraged between the client and the varying departments on-site. Pascoe are always refining and developing the vessel using knowledge gain over hundreds of builds from the quality expected at handover, to the conditions experienced in service. This wealth of skills and experience is what makes a Pascoe tender a true 'pocket superyacht'.

limousine | 9.0M - 12.0m

Winner of a Superyacht Design Award, the SL Limousine tender offers a perfect deck layout giving guests unrestricted boarding from both the bow and stern areas.


open limousine| 9.0M - 12.0m

Finalist in the Superyacht Design Awards, the Open Limousine features a sociable forward seating area and is able to make the best use of space in restricted tender garages.


limousine | 8.0m

Finalist in the Superyacht Design Awards, The SL Limousine tender features a central cabin for ultimate guest comfort and a forward driving position for crew.


Landau | 8.0m

The 8.00m Landau tender offers both a forward and aft seating arrangement in addition to a hydraulic bimini - perfect for days exploring secluded areas out of reach from the yacht.