Pascoe Expansion Plans

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Pascoe International have already completed a series of planned expansion works at their main facility in Universal Marina, Southampton. Initially, increasing workshop space to include a new fabrication workshop, in addition to the creation of a dedicated wood mill and joinery department. Since then Pascoe International have continued to grow with an ever increasing demand for semi-custom luxury superyacht tenders

Following the launch of the exquisite SL Limousine and Landau ranges, most notably the 9.6m SL Limousine launched at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014 and winner of the Showboats Design Award 2015, Pascoe International already have hull number 10 on order. The 8.0m SL Limousine and the most recently built 9.6m SL Limousine were also on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015, with both models generating a huge amount of interest.

New expansion works have now been carried out neighboring the current facility where a 300 m2 work space now houses the hand lay-up composite builds. This now allows Pascoe’s main build shed to house solely new build semi-custom Limousine tenders from our SL range.

The first tender to be produced in the new workshop was the new 5.6m DT Launch, also on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015, and delivered to her mothership immediately afterwards. The 5.6m DT is a smaller, highly optimised, compact and competitively priced version of the 7-8m DT tenders.

The introduction of the new workshop has further increased Pascoe’s presence at the fantastic Universal Marina on the river Hamble, Southampton. Further plans for expansion are on the horizon.