With over 100 shuttles in service, this model has shown itself to be the ideal ‘one-stop’ solution for yachts from 30m upwards. Available from 5.50-8.00m, the option of inboard or outboard, stern drive of water jet, the Pascoe Shuttles are stylish and reliable workhorses which have proved to be the selection of many yards and owners.

Ideal for transporting guests ashore, for water sports and for crew activities, these tenders can be customised to fit in particularly tight or low garages.

Shuttle | 5.50-8.00m

Seriously flexible, practical and stylish, the Shuttle range offers is all in a compact package for your leisure and practical needs.


Mid-Engine Shuttle | 7.00-8.00m

The mid-engine arrangement sees improvements in acceleration and performance whilst still maintaining the elegant and versatile design of the original Pascoe Shuttle tenders.


Outboard Shuttle | 6.00-7.40m

The ultimate tender for speed and pulling power, ideal for water sports and crew activities. The outboard engine allows for increased deck space serving a more sociable guest seating arrangement.

Beachlanding Shuttle | all

Fold out bow steps allow for ease of access to the shore, guests can simply walk off of the tender without getting wet or having to climb over the sides of the boat.