SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) Regulations state that all yachts over 500GRT should be provided with a Rescue Boat meeting SOLAS requirements. This Rescue Boat is designed to act as a man-over-board recovery boat and provide a marshaling vessel for life rafts in the event of abandoning the mother ship. Please see below for more on understanding SOLAS.

Pascoe SOLAS tenders offer a proven Superyacht tender re-engineered to comply with SOLAS, meaning they are built to the same finish and offer the same functionality as a regular tender. Therefore the yacht is able to carry less tenders and still comply with the regulations.

5.5m SOLAS

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Understanding SOLAS

Historically the luxury yacht market found dispensations and loop holes to avoid this requirement, however this has become increasingly difficult. Pascoe took the decision in 2007 to not only produce SOLAS compliant tenders, but to ensure they comply with the most stringent levels of commercial regulations, surveyed and certificated by Lloyds Register.

Pascoe can offer fully compliant SOLAS Rescue Tenders certified to MED Wheel Marked standard for MCA flagged yachts, or certified to SOLAS for rest-of-World flag authorities. To achieve this standard and maintain compliance is an involved and complicated process, requiring regular adjustment, updating and re-testing as the Regulations are updated and developed.

The SOLAS Regulations affect many aspects of the tender build, from hull construction, systems and outfit to the quality assurance system and documentation of workshops temperatures maintained through the build. The main testing is carried out on the first of class of each model, which includes the 3m drop tests, self-righting test and other testing such as a swamp test, over load lifting test, endurance trial and heavy weather trial. Following passing of these tests a Type Approval Certificate is issued, then each subsequent build is surveyed and tested to a less comprehensive criteria and a Certificate of Production Testing issued.

Pascoe is able to offer some customisation of the SOLAS tenders by working closely with Lloyds and Flag Surveyors. The colour of the tender can normally be offered in any scheme, at the discretion of the Flag Surveyor and often on the provision of high visibility orange covers. The lifting arrangement can be tailored to the mother ship by means of additional testing and local approval.

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With safety regulations requiring a full SOLAS rescue boat aboard larger yachts, Pascoe is uniquely placed to provide fully compliant vessels that are equally suitable for pleasure, transport and sports purposes.

By ensuring your Pascoe Rescue Tender is built and finished to the same style and quality standard as your other tenders, it will both match your fleet and be in regular use. The only difference is that we will additionally build and equip your tender to meet the full SOLAS standards required by law.